Memories of Zinaida Fedyushina about Leningrad Blocade

Memories of Zinaida Fedyushina about the blockade of Leningrad: [video] / Project Manager: Dmitry Cupov;Installation, graphics: Anton Vdovichenko;Operators: Maxim Kurilov, Anton Vdovichenko;Administrator: Daria Larkin;Pope's voice: Sergey Shefanovsky;Little Zina's voice: Nastya Cook.- [St. Petersburg]: Presidential Library, 2021. -1 video file.-Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title from the screen.On title frames: The Presidential Library represents the memories of Zinaida Fedyushina about the Leningrad blockade.Duration: 26 min 50 s.The video film presented the memories of Fedyushina (Urban. Icina) Zinaida Arkadyevna (born in 1931).During the Great Patriotic War, Z. Fedyushin lived with the grandmother Iosimina Maria Borisovna (1876-1945) in Leningrad.The mother of Zinaida Arkadyevna Iosymina Elizabeth Isaakovna (1905-1989) in the rank of Lieutenant of the medical service worked in the Feldsher in EvicoPost No. 990. Father - Icin Arya Khaimovich (1905-1943) served as a senior lieutenant technician in the 168th Rifle Division on the Leningrad Front.He died in February 1943.I. Fedyushina, Zinaida Arkadyevna (1931-).II.Casual, Dmitry Gennadyevich.III.Vdovichenko, Anton Alexandrovich.IV.Kurilov, Maxim Viktorovich.V. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.People (collection).2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection).3. Russia in faces (collection).4. Leningrad blocade - 1941 - 1944 - memories, notes, etc. 5. Historical documentaries.BBK 63.3 (2) 622,1114Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: PB
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