COSTUME OF THE RUSSIAN EMPire, Illustrated by Upwards of SEVENTY RICHLY COLURED Engraining

The costume of the Russian Empire is illustrated by more than seven -yields richly painted engravings.Dedicated, with the permission of her, her royal highness Princess ElizabethAlexander, William (1767-1816).Costume of the Russian Empire, illustrated by upwards of seventy richly coloured engravings = Costume de l'Empire Russe, represente en plus de soixante-dix gravures superbement colorees : Dedicated by permission, to Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth : Dédiées, avec permission,A Son Altesse Royale La Princesse Elizabeth.- London: Printed for E. Harding [et al.], 1803. - [152] p., [72] l.tsv.Il.;2 ° (34.0x26.0x4.0 cm).-The alleged author: William Alexander.Installed by: KVK.Top on the spine: Costume of Russia.The title and text in parallel in English and French.The copy of the presidential library in a whole binding with golden embossing on the spine, binding covers, with duba on the covers of the binding, with a gold wrap.Korushka with bandages (5), captal.Forester and crustacean.Scum skeleton of the book block.Pencil instruments on the back of the Forzetsa, p.[12].- On the outlet of Exlibris (sticker) "Poley Vernon Arms of Narry".On the back of the title sheet, the stamp/stamp "Presidential Library"..1. Book monuments of the presidential library (collection).2. VTB (collection).3. The people (collection).4. The peoples of Russia are historical and ethnographic research.5. Costume - Russia - 18 - 19 centuries .. 6. Russia - description and travel - 19 in ..BBK 63.3 (255) 51BBK 26.89 (255)BBK 63.529 (2)Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PB
Publisher printed for E. Harding [et al.]
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