The story of Catherine is the second.[Part3. Foreign policy]

Brikner, Alexander Gustavovich (1834-1896).The story of Catherine the Second: with 300 engraves.and jewelry on a tree, executed.The best foreigner.and Rus.engravers.[Part1-5]/ Op.A. Brikner, prof.Rus.Stories in Derpt.Un-te.- St. Petersburg: A.S.Suvorin, 1885[Part3: foreign policy].- VI, 255-516 p., 19 l.Il.: silt .. -.Electronic copy source: PBThe place of storage of the original: MF K1/6553;;132/1763;J 37/101;A 223/385;W 112/18;RB 1/508;OR
Publisher А.С. Суворин

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