The Costume of the Russian Army

The costume of the Russian army.From the collection of drawings from nature, now in the possession of the truly venerable Count Kinnard contains a portrait of his majesty Emperor of All -Russian.1 Life Guards, 2 foot guards, 3 guards huntsman, 4 night guard 5 infantry, 6 sailor, 7 police soldiers, 8 CossackThe Costume of the Russian Army: from a Collection of Drawings Made on the Spot, and Now in the Possession of the Right HonourBle the Earl of Kinnaird, Containing A HIS Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias: 1 The Body Guard, 2Foot Guards, 3 Chasseur Guards, 4 Guard at Night, 5 Infantry, 6 A Sailor, 7 A Soldier of the Police, 8 A Cosack.- London: Publined by Edward Orme, 1807. - [4] p., 9, Portr., [13] l.;2 ° (35.0x26.5x2.5 cm).-Top on the spine: Orme's Costume of the Russian Army.A copy of the presidential library in an all -bearing binding.Korushka with bandages (4), gold embossing and pattern, captal.On the front binding cover is a portrait in the skin.[13] l.In the binding block - clean.Furious and overwhelming are decorative.Record with a pencil on an additional boat sheet.- on the binding cover of the binding brand (pancake embossing): the stigma of the Binding workshop "Weitz Coleman NYC".On the nahzaca brand of the book trader (sticker): "Appelfeld Gallery".Super -Sexlibris (pancake embossing) of an unidentified face on the rear binding cover.On the back of the title sheet, stamp/stamp "Presidential Library"..1. Book monuments of the presidential library (collection).2. VTB (collection).3. The people (collection).4. Military uniforms - Russia - the 18th - 19th centuries.- Albums.BBK 63.3 (2) 5-68y61BBK 68.35 (2) 5ya61Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: PB
Publisher Published by Edward Orme
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