Proceedings of a free economic society.1888. T. 3. No. 9. September

Free Economic Society (Petersburg).Proceedings of a free economic society.-St. Petersburg, [1765-1900, 1902-1915.-Pol.: Part 1 (1765)-72 (1821) works of the Free Economic Society to encourage agriculture and house-building in Russia (with the insignificant; Izm; part 5 (2nd ed.), 26 (2nd ed.), 31 (1) (1779) - 49 (19) (1794) continuation of the works ...; part 50 (1) (1795) - 61 (1809) a new continuation of the works ...);[1831/1832] (1833) - 1915 Proceedings of the Free Economic Society.In terms of issue: works of the Imperial Free Economic Society..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: Vir1888. T. 3. No. 9. September.- Type.MM.Stasyulevich, 1888. -[2], XV, 185-206, 124, [2] p.: table .. -There is general.Tit.l.For T. 3.Contents: Magazines of meetings of the 1st Department: February 4 and 18, 1888: (Report I.V. Shumkov about the possibility of poppy culture for opium in most of the provinces of Central Russia and on the culture of cotton).Journal of the United Assembly of the I and II Branches on March 23, 1888: the actions of society.On tobacco breeding in the provinces: Voronezh, Tambov, Chernihiv, Poltava and Samara: (continuation) / V.G.Kotelnikov.How can the reduction in flour products be achieved / K.K.Weber.On the issue of agricultural education / I.P.Petrov, [et al.].- the text and subscription.Note .. - Ex.: without tit.l..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: Vir
Publisher тип. М.М. Стасюлевича

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