Nature and people.1894-1895.No. 3. November 17

Nature and people:, art and literature.- Petrograd: P.P.Soykin, 1889-1918.-Places of the ed.: 1889-1914 No. 42 St. Petersburg;1914 No. 43 - 1918 pg.1889-1918 No. 4 pp.Soykin;1918 No. 5-14 by the host of the fifth state.type.Subtit.: 1889-1894 weekly.Il.Journal.for family reading (with insignificant.);1895-1899scientific.Il.Journal.natural science and travel for family reading;1906-1918, art and literature..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: PB1894-1895.No. 3. November 17: Il.Vostor.Journal.For family reading.-P. Soykin, 1894. -41-56 p.: silt .. -It turns out weekly on Thursdays.Contents: Veteran of Napoleonic times: Essay: (from portrait) / G. F. Tauk: (from the intelligence writer): Story: (from 4 Fig.) / N.N.Karazin.Page from the Great Book of Miracles: Essay: (from Fig.) / V. Bitner.Alexander Humboldt / E.P. Hunt for bullets: story / K. Thorzhevsky, [et al.].- Bibliogr.In the settling.Note .. - Ex.: without region..1. The people (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage: PB
Publisher П. Сойкин

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