Statistical review of railways and internal waterways of Russia

Statistical review of the railways and internal waterways of Russia: from and count.Images / Dep.Statistics and cartography of the M-va.- ed.1900 -Sank -Petersburg: Type.M-va of the routes (T-Va I.N. Kushnerev and Co.), 1900.-[7], 195, [1] p., 6 p.kart.: table .. -On the region: from adj.kart.routes of communication and count.images.Ex.: With a handle.litter..I. Russia.The Ministry of Railways.Department of Statistics and Cartography. 1.Power (collection).Electronic copy source: PBThe place of storage of the original: GPI.Center for Social and Political History
Publisher Тип. М-ва путей сообщения (Т-ва И.Н. Кушнерев и К°)

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