Railway.G. 26. 1907. No. 31-32

RailwayG. 26. 1907. No. 31-32.-domestic type., 1907. -347-370 p.: table., Ill., Damn .. -It turns out 4 numbers per month.Contents: from the practice of carriage No. 1200 of the Nikolaev yellow.Roads in 1907 and the opinion of the advisory congresses of engineers of rolling stock and traction about the device of Livchak / A. Gorchakov.The list of reports, articles and notes placed in the "railway business", about invented by I.N.Livchak control devices for railways.Single-phase electric locomotives at 15,000 voltage voltage / Ing.-Electric P. Stabinsky.The use of stone factory pipes for water supply purposes / Ing.-Men.N. Osipov.Causes of bread deposits / E. Zubchaninov, [et al.].- Bibliogr.In the text and subscription.Note .. - Ex.: without region..1. The people (collection).2. Territory (collection).Electronic copy source: PBOriginal storage location: PSUPS
Publisher Отечественная тип.

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