For a folk teacher.G. 5. 1911. No. 7

For a folk teacher: a folk teaching body.- G. 1 1907, pr.1 -G. 11 1917, No. 10. -Moscow: N. V. Tulupov and P. M. Shestakov, 1907-1917.-Subtitle: 1907-1915 body of public teaching;1916-1917 Pedagogical magazine.Editors: N.V. Tulupov and P. M. Shestakov, since 1915 - N.V. Tulupov.Publishers: 1907-1913, No. 11 N. V. Tulupov and P. M. Shestakov;1913, No. 12 - 1914 N. V. Tulupov, P. M. Shestakov, G. R. Sabsovich;1915, No. 1-6 N. V. Tulupov;1915, No. 7 - 1917 Partnership I. D. Sytin..I. Tulupov, Nikolai Vasilievich (1863-1939).II.Shestakov, Peter Mikhailovich (1862-1914) .1.People (collection).2. Domestic serial and ongoing publications (collection).3. Popular education - history - Russia - con.19 - beginning.20th centuries.-- Periodicals.BBK 63.3 (2) 53-7ya52BBK 74.03 (2) 53y52Electronic copy source: PBPlace of storage of the original: RSPU them.A.I. HerzenG. 5. 1911. No. 7 / Ed.N.V.Tulupova and P.M.Shestakova.- Type.T-va I.D.Sytina, 1911. -36 p.: table .. -First April Book.It turns out 2 times a month, except July and August, books from 2-3 sheets.Contents: Adult courses, their significance and organization / A. Ivashkin.School of Pestalozzi - Frebel / A. Liberman.A trip to rural schools / V. Fr.Honoring the memory of K.D.Ushinsky in Saratov / A. Egorov.A new direction in grammar / N. Ogurtsov, [et al.].- Bibliogr.In the text and subscription.Note .. - Ex.: without region..I. Shestakov, p.m .. II.Tulupov, N.V..1.People (collection).Electronic copy source: PBPlace of storage of the original: RSPU them.A.I.Herzen
Publisher Тип. Т-ва И.Д. Сытина

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