Commission on the establishment of public schools

Title Commission on the establishment of public schools
Summary Historical certificate: the commission was formed on September 7, 1782 to prepare the opening of educational institutions on a single new system.Before the formation of the ministries, she was directly subordinate to the emperor.The commission was engaged in the consideration of projects of universities and gymnasiums, the charter of public schools, and comparing various education systems.I considered the issues of opening schools, building buildings for them, supplying them with textbooks.I examined and reviewed textbooks and textbooks, issued training manuals.The commission was a printing house closed in 1800.The commission also made up curricula for educational institutions that are not subordinate to it (the educational society of noble girls, the land gentry cadet corps, and so on).Since September 8, 1802, the commission acted in parallel with the newly established commission on schools, transformed on January 24, 1803 into the main board of schools.The last definition of the commission took place on March 20, 1803.The fund was stored and processed and described in the archive of the Ministry of Education, which included the Unified State Archival Fund (EGAF)
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