Questions of colonization. № 10

Questions of colonization: a periodic collection. - No. 1 (1907) - No. 20 (1917). - St. Petersburg, 1907-1917. -
Subzag: No. 1 (1907) Collection of articles; No. 2 (1907) - No. 20 (1917) Periodic collection.
Ed .: No. 1 - OA Shkapsky, No. 2-3 - GF Chirkin and AV Uspenskiy, No. 6-19 - GF Chirkin and NA Gavrilov, No. 20 - GF Chirkin.
The place of the ed. No. 16-20 Petrograd.
Publishing House: No. 1 edition of A. Uspensky, No. 2-13 printing house F. Weissberg and P. Gershunin, No. 15-17 Ekaterininskaya Printing House, No. 20 Printing House M.P. Frolova (owned by AE Collins).
Founded in 1907 .
1. Russia - Colonial policy - 19 - 20 centuries. - Periodicals.
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№ 10 / ed. G. F. Chirkin and N. A. Gavrilov. - 1912. - 387 p., [17] p., [1] l. Table. : tab. -
Contents: American Homestead System of Empowering Land Migrants, as a Means of Successful Colonization and Economic Development of the Russian Outbacks / A. Kohl. Private land ownership in Western Siberia / I. Vvedensky. Desert margins of Russia and American law Cary / E. Skornyakov. Report on the work on snowmelt, made in 1910 in Pavlodar Uyezd, Semipalatinsk region / I. Yerpulev. Essay on the natural conditions of the Andijan district of the Fergana region / S. Neustruev. Forestry works required in taiga resettlement areas / N. Kozlovsky. The population of Irkutsk province, its way of life and occupation / V.Zankevich. Hydrological conditions of the Zeya-Bureya prairie in connection with hydrotechnical tasks in the Amur Region / A. Vinokurov, A. Bulgakov. Review of resettlement and land management beyond the Urals for 1906-1910. The draft of new rules on the granting of loans for the economic organization of immigrants. A special meeting to discuss the development of a network of railways and waterways adapted to colonization. Interdepartmental meeting on the working question in the Far East. Cotton Committee meeting. On the introduction of the Siberian provinces and regions of zemstvo self-government. The estimate of the expenses of the Resettlement Department for 1912. Meeting co-rapporteurs budget committee of the State Duma on the estimate for 1912. Satisfaction of religious needs of immigrants. Exchange of the Cossack lands of the Pristine Cossacks to the provinces in order to quickly settle the banks of the Irtysh River. The general results of the 1911 resettlement campaign. Activity of the Resettlement Department to combat the consequences of a crop failure in Asian Russia, etc. .
I. Chirkin, G. F. .. II. Gavrilin, N.A .. 1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Russia - Colonial policy - 19 - 20 centuries. - Collections.
ББК 63.3 (2) 53-27я5
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