Kovaleva Alexandra Nikolaevna (1917-2014)

Kovaleva Alexandra (1917-2014): a selection of materials from the collection of Surazh Museum of Local History. - Electronic data (86 files, 300 dpi, JPEG, 297 MB). - St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2015. -
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The collection of materials includes: 5 photos of Alexandra Nikolaevna Kovaleva; 11 photographs depicting Kovalyov, her family and veterans of the Great Patriotic War; Orders and medals; Order of the "Patriotic War II degree" and the Order of the Order; medals and certificates to them: "Partisan of the Patriotic War II degree", "For victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.", "For Labor Distinction", "For Labor Valor", "Medal of Motherhood"; characteristics of the participant of the 5th Kletnyanskaya partisan brigade of the Bryansk region (1944); certificate of the work of the cultarian to eliminate illiteracy in the collective farm "Sadovod" Vjukovo council Mglinsky district of the Bryansk region (1944); a certificate of work by the teacher of the Vyukovo school (1952); a certificate of belonging to the partisan detachment of the Oryol region as a soldier-scout (1944); certificate of belonging to the partisan detachment of the 5th Kletnyansk Brigade of the Bryansk Region as a fighter (1946); certificate of 10 June 1995 on disability in connection with military trauma; certificate of marriage of AN Veremyeva with KG Kovalev; a copy of the archival certificate of March 26, 1957 about the death of his brother FN Veremyev; certificate of June 19, 1967 in the Surazh Department of State Support; certificate of July 8, 2014 about the death of AN Kovaleva; certificate of the participant in the partisan movement of underground organizations in the Bryansk region; certificate of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War; pensioner's ID ; employment history. Location: Surazh Museum of Local Lore. - Alexandra Nikolaevna Kovaleva (born in 1917 in the village of Malakhovo, Oryol region (in the present Bryansk region)) is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a participant in the partisan movement in the Bryansk region, a teacher at the Vyukovo school .
I. Kovaleva, Alexandra Nikolaevna (1917 - 2014). II. Dyakonova, Tatyana Ivanovna. III. Surazh Museum of Local Lore. Kovaleva, Alexandra Nikolaevna (1917 - 2014) - Documents and materials. 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Bryansk region (collection). 5. The people (the collection). 6. The Great Patriotic War - Heroes and heroism - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials. 7. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War - Bryansk region - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials.
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