The Battle of Stalingrad. The defense of Stalingrad

Battle of Stalingrad Defense of Stalingrad: [fragments of newsreels / editing edited by TI Dyakonova] - Electron (1 video file: 15.5 MB) -Saint Petersburg: Presidential Library of BN Yeltsin, 2010 -
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Stalingrad, 1942-1943 Tehran, 1943: Soldiers are running along the ruined city , there are city battles, Colonel-General Yeremenko, commander of the Stalingrad Front, cannon, offensive, Katyusha, tanks are moving, the skier is attached to the tank from behind, infantry in camouflage, Zhukov at the table with the map, flight over the destroyed Stalingrad, The sword of the English King George VI Stalingrad, in commemoration of the heroic defense of the city, Churchill reads the message of George VI and transmits the sword to Zstalina. At the ceremony there is KE Voroshilov, in the Molotov, and Eden, the Soviet soldiers Theskt behind the scenes: "The city was defended by the 62nd Army of General Chuikov and the 64th Army General Shumilov In Stalingrad soldiers took an oath: "Stand to the death!", "There is no land beyond the Volga!" And their oath was kept. That's what Colonel-General Eremenko, Commander of the Stalingrad Front, said: "The Battle of Stalingrad has no equal in the history of the battles 90 d her continuous attack, and the introduction of technology Such a battle can be had once in a lifetime. For three months the enemy has been attacking the Stalingrad stronghold continuously. But the proud fighters of Stalingrad stand with unshakable will, defending Stalingrad. They will protect him and never succeed in gaining possession of this stronghold by fascist scoundrels. "The Battle of Stalingrad the greatest turning point in the course of the Second World War The military machine of Hitler's Germany was shocked to the ground with a crushing blow from which it could no longer recover. On November 29, in Tehran, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Mr. Churchill, handed to the Chairman of the People's Commissars of the USSR, Comrade Stalin, the honorable sword - the gift of the King of Great Britain George VI to the citizens of Stalingrad in commemoration of the heroic defense cities"
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