State, his role in history

Kropotkin, Peter Alekseevich (1842-1921).The state, its role in history / [essay] Peter Kropotkin;translation edited by the author.- Geneva: the publication of the group "Bread and Will", 1904. -75 p.;18 cm -.1. Kropotkin, Peter Alekseevich (1842-1921) - state-legal views.2. Kropotkin, Peter Alekseevich (1842 - 1921) - Socio-political views.3. People (collection).4. Power (collection).5. Russia in persons (collection).6. P. A. Kropotkin (Collection).7. Anarchism.8. The state is history.BBK 60.032.621.1BBK 60.561.32BBK 66.033.1.BBK 66.1 (2) 53-195Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: Gopb
Publisher издание Группы "Хлеб и воля"
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