Stories about the holidays of the Orthodox Church

Bukharev, John Nikolaevich (-1909).
Stories about the holidays of the Orthodox Church: With the annex. troparia, with Russian. trans. and explanations., instructions liturgiyn. evangel. readings and special. instructive festivities. events and explaining the holiday. rituals and customs. From the cards. holidays. Ad. to the book. by the law of God. (Experience of interview with the people and teaching in educational institutions) / Comp. saint. I. Bukharev. - 2 ed., Completed. -Москва: Насл. br. Salaev, 1886.-IV, 136 with. : ill. ; 19. -
Subtraining. Region: For people reading and eating habits.
Source of electronic copy: RSL
Location of original: O 10/279
Publisher Насл. бр. Салаевых
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