Stalingrad. Pavlov's House"


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Electronic reproduction of the postcard: Stalingrad. Pavlov's House [Izomaterial]. Leningrad: Izogiz, 1956. 1 postcard: color offset. Sh-05966-56, 20 kop. Circulation 100000 copies.
Pavlov's House (House of Soldier's Glory) is a 4-storey residential building in Volgograd, where during the Battle of Stalingrad for 58 days heroically held the defense a group of Soviet soldiers. The defense was headed by Senior Sergeant Ya. F. Pavlov - hence the name of the house. All the time the defense of Pavlov's house (from September 23 to November 25, 1942) in the basement were civilians. Three out of 31 defenders of the house were killed. May 4, 1985 on the end wall of the house from the side of Sovetskaya Street was opened memorial wall-monument. The authors are architect VE Maslyaev and sculptor V. G. Fetisov. The inscription on the memorial wall says: "In the house of this, the feat of labor and labor has merged." Modern address: Volgograd, Sovetskaya Street, 39. - Materials used in the site Wikipedia: .
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