A brief note about schismatic settlements, monasteries, newly emerged sects and other such things

Titov, Andrei Alexandrovich (1844-1911).
A short note on the schismatic settlements, monasteries, newly emerged sects, and the like: was made under the Saratov Bishops' House by the monotheistic monk Melchizedek Yakubovsky on the orders of His Eminence James, Bishop of Saratov, and corrected by him. 1837, July 1 day / An. Titov. - Moscow: Type. Imp. Moscow. University, 1911. -36 p. ; 23 cm. -
Without tit. l.
1. Melkhisidek (Yakubovsky IM, Hieromonk Edinover, mid-19th century). 2. Religion - Christianity - Orthodoxy - Russian Orthodox Church - Old Believers - Church Organization - Monasticism. Monastic associations - Monasteries.
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