Materials and instructions

Leningrad Regional Council of Physical Culture.
Materials and instructions / Leningrad Regional Council of Physical Culture, General Physical Training Section; was compiled by the General Physical Training Section of the LOSFK consisting of: IM Koryakovskii, GA Duperron, SS Utekhin, and others. - Moscow; Leningrad: Physical Culture and Sports, 1930 (Leningrad: State Type of Publishing House "Lenin Truth"). -94, [2] c. : Features .. -
Bibliography "Literature" at the end of sections.
I. Koryakovsky, Ivan Mikhailovich (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, 1899-1986). II. Duperron, Georgy Alexandrovich (1877-1934). III. Utekhin, SS. Leningrad Regional Council of Physical Culture - Methodological benefits. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Sports in Russia (collection). 4. Physical Culture and Sport - USSR - Methodological aids.
BBK 75.4 (2)
Source of electronic copy: National Library of Russia
Location of original: РНБ
Publisher Физкультура и спорт
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