On the anthropological composition of the population of Russia

Ivanovsky, Alexei Arsenievich (1866-1934).
On the Anthropological Composition of the Population of Russia / AA Ivanovskii. - Moscow: Department type. t. ID Sytin, 1904.-VI p., 287 st., [1] p. : maps. ; 33 cm .- (Proceedings of the Imperial Society of Lovers of Natural Science, Anthropology and Ethnography, consisting of the Imperial Moscow University, Vol 105); (Proceedings of the Anthropological Department, vol. 22). -
Bibliography: Literature on anthropology of Russia: stb. 212-288.
1. Biological Sciences - Anthropology - Ethnic Anthropology - Anthropological Composition of the Population - Russian Federation.
ББК 28.71 (2) я54
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Publisher Отдел тип. т-ва И. Д. Сытина
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