News of Byzantine historians.Part 2.About goths, vandals, hepids, erules, unnah and Avarah

Stritter, Ivan Mikhailovich (1740-1801).News of Byzantine historians: explaining the Russian history of the ancient times and preventive peoples;/ Collected and chronological order are located Ivan Stroller.- St. Petersburg: with imp.Acad.Sciences, 1770-1775.- 8 °.-Circulation 600 copies.Ed.Cathed, trying about the lane.foreignerkn.Extract.from the semist.Labor Avt."Memoriae Populorum", comp.They, on behalf of Acad.Science first on it.Yaz. and then with it.Manus.With the participation of rus.Yaz.V.P.Light (see Preport. By Part 1 of the 1st Ed. Izvestia).Each part is supplied preface. Which is enumerated.AutoSources.- SK XVIII..I. Lights, Vasily Prokofievich (1744-1783).II.Academy of Sciences.Meeting that is trying on the transfer of foreign books (Petersburg).III.Academic printing house (Petersburg).Electronic copy source: RGBPart 2: About Gotfa, Vandals, Game, Drums, Unnah and Avary.- 1771. - [21], 141, [1] p., 3 liters.Tab .. -.Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher При Имп. Акад. наук

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