Gone to Christians in Russia [in 1895]

Biryukov, Pavel Ivanovich (1860-1931).Gone to Christians in Russia [in 1895].Letter L.N.Tolstoy to the editor of the English newspaper.- Geneve: M.K.Elpidin, 1896. -60 s.;eighteen. -Ed.Also under the stall: persecution on the Dukhoboretsev.On the regionStall.Also on FR.Yaz.Auto1st work in the book.not specified;Installed according to the arch.Cat.Rus.NEG.and forbid.Print: KN.And the period.ed.2nd extra.and recreated.ed.M., 1981. Part 1. P. 44..I. Tolstoy, Lev Nikolayevich (1828-1910).Electronic copy source: RGBPlace of Storage Original: MK
Publisher М.К. Элпидин

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