Some features about the inner church, about the whole way is true and about different ways of misconception and death with the a...

Lopukhin, Ivan Vladimirovich (1756-1816).Some features about the inner church, about a single way true and about various delusion paths and death with the addition of crawl images of the qualities and positions of truthful Christian.- New edition.-The St. Petersburg: in the typography IOS.Joannes, 1816. - [4], 96, 98-111 p., [1] l.Il.;8 ° (21 cm).-Allegor.An image of the "Temple of Nature and Mercy".On ed.oblastannouncedAbout selling books BN.Lava Sveshnikov in St. Petersburg and Moscow.Price 5 r.(on ed. region).Etching.There are 2 Var.Cents.RangeVar.1: Print is allowed S.P.B.July 20 days 1815.Var.2: Print is allowed so that in printed ...Cents: I.O.Timkovsky, July 20, 1815Description.By grav.Tit.l.A type.and year ed.- 1815 - indicated on s.[3].Note.on s.12.Tit.l.GravOn s.87 - 111: A brief image of the qualities and positions of the Christian tritero, hoped from the Word of God and located on issues and answers .. - The consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Timkovsky, Ivan Osipovich (1768-1837) .1Sweethearts.Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher в типографии Иос. Иоаннесова

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