About ζloko.Wisdom seeker, or spiritual knight

Lopukhin, Ivan Vladimirovich (1756-1816).About ζloko.Wisdom seeker, or spiritual knight.- [B.M.], 5791 [i.e.1791].-115, [1] p.;8 ° (21 cm.).-There are substrates.Note.Ex.in ed.oblastOn s.91 - 92 Avt Avt.: Curiosity reader.Preparable to the section in the cat.Excerpts are entered, excluded when publishing the CN.Lopukhina "Some features about the inner church" (see p. 92 -109).According to the assumption of N.V.Guberti, the book was printed in type.N.S.Vsevolozhsky in 1816 or 1818 (see Guberti, 2 p. 390).Date of tit.l.5791 Means the year of writing a book 1791.Previous ed.See CX XVIII, 3792.On s.73 - 90: Moor-intelligent Katichism of the true F-k.M-c.For the use of wisdom seeking, which for the acquisition of concepts about the paths of wisdom and the mysterious School, can also be engaged in the view of the famous picture representing the image of the temple of nature and grace, / the author of the Say of the degree and Catchism of this .. - on with.110 - 115: still from the heart of the author.On s.[1] - Lat.Letters in the next.order: Vitriol / Ocdanse Abbreviation above the feature means "Visitando Interiore Terrae, RectificAndoque Invenies Occultum Lapidem Verum Medicinum."(Penetrated into the inside of the earth, you will find a hidden stone with a distillation, a true medicine).Read also as the word "vitriol" (saltry acid).(See Guberti, 2, p. 391) .. - Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..1. Vsevolozhsky, Nikolai Sergeevich (1772-1857).Electronic copy source: RGB

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