Extract. From the report to the inspector of all artillery, the general and cavalier Count Arakcheev from the Provisional Artill...


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The Provisional Artillery Committee (St. Petersburg).
Extract. From the report to the inspector of all artillery, General and Cavalier, Count Arakcheev, from the Provisional Artillery Committee established for reviewing the garrison artillery concerning new cannons. - [St. Petersburg], [1807]. - [2], 10, [2], 11-13, [3], 14-21, [2], 22-58, [1] p. : tab., [1] l. yl. ; 4 ° (25 cm). -
Drawings of buckshots.
Gravity. cutter.
Without tit. l. Ver. on shmutstit. Dated according to the contents of
The report was signed by the members of the committee: Colonel Gogel, military advisor of Zavorotkov, Colonel Markevich, Lieutenant Colonel Baron Plotto.
On p. [2], 11-13: Table. Comparative shots of buckshot are now used and the Committee is again offered. On with. [2], 14 -21: Description of the manufacture of new canisters. On with. [2], 22-58: Extract from the Journal of the Provisional Artillery Committee, regarding shot cards for comparing new canisters with the currently used Committees in a shield of 18 meters in length, 8 meters long, half white and black in color, representing a squadron of cavalry. - Consolidated Catalog of the Russian Book of 1801-1825
I. Markevich, Andrei Grigorievich (1769-1832). II. Plotto, Vasily Karlovich. III. Gogel, Ivan Grigorievich (1773-1834). IV. Zavorotkov.1. Arakcheev, Alexey Andreevich (1769-1834).
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