Description of the ancient Slavic pagan fiction,

Popov, Mikhail Ivanovich (1742-about 1790).
Description of the ancient Slavic pagan folklore: Collected from different writers, and provided with notes. - In St. Petersburg: [Type. Sukhoput. cadet. Corps], 1768. - [14], 48 with. ; 12 ° (16 cm). -
Circulation 630 copies
Prikl. to: Emin F.A. A brief description of the ancient and modern state of the Ottoman Ports. - In St. Petersburg, 1769.
Mythol. of the words.
2 nd ed., Under zagl. "A Brief Description of the Ancient Slavic Pagan Fascism", napec. in the collection op. and lane. M.I. Popova "Leisure" (Part 1, p.186-208).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Тип. Сухопут. кадет. корпуса]