Historical and topographic description of the Muzhsky Conventual Monastery of the Holy Wonderworker Nicholas, which is at Peshno...

Kalaydovich, Konstantin Fedorovich (1792-1832).
Historical and topographical description of the male cenobitic monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker that Peshnoshe with prisovokupleniem its statute and chinopolozheniya: Comp. from the notes of the late K.F. Kalaydovich. - Moscow: dependent philanthropists, 1837.-153 p., 1 p. front. (ill.), 1 liter. pl. ; 23. -
From the 2nd ed. zagl .: "Historical description of the Muzhsky Conventual Monastery ..."; aut. not specified.
I. Nicholas (St.). II. Nikolaev Peshnoshsky Monastery (Moscow Gubernia).
Source of electronic copy: RSL
Location of original: U 143/609; U 421/29; W 469/150; F 16/208; B 2/212
Publisher иждивением благотворителей
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