Triumphant Petrograd on the birthday of her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Elizaveta Alexandrovna November 3 days 1806


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Varakin, Ivan Ivanovich (1759 or 1760-not earlier than 1824).
Triumphant Petrograd on the birthday of her Imperial Highness, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexandrovna, November 3, 1806. - In St. Petersburg: In the printing house of Ivan Glazunov, 1807. - [8] c. ; 4 ° (25 cm). -
They also came in sat. works II. Varakina: The desert lyre of the forgotten son of nature. - St. Petersburg., 1807. - С. 86, 88-93.
Прип. to: Troepolsky T. Inscriptions in verse to the clearings .... - M., 1796.
At the end of the text of the signature: I. V.
Cens .: Spb. cens. com.
Poetry .. - Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825
1. Elizaveta Aleksandrovna (Grand Book, 1806-1808).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Издательство В типографии Ивана Глазунова
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