[Berg-regulations]: [Approved March 3 day of 1739]. - [St.Petersburg]: [Type. Sukhoput. cadet. body], [1762]. -7, [7] c. ; 2 °. -
Fonts type. Sukhoput. cadet. housing, paper with a watermark in 1792
On page [7] out. Dan. 1st ed.
Circulation 500 copies
Without tit. l. and zagl.
Baking. at the request of the Berg College.
C.1 ends with the words: "... our service," the custod is "the emperor."
[text of the Berg-regulations] (S. [7]); [Decree of Peter I "On the establishment of the Berg-collegium for dealing with ore and minerals in this case" of 10 December. 1719 and two decrees of February 19. 1720 and 19 April. 1722, Announced. from the Berg-Collegium] (C.1-7). - SK XVIII.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Тип. Сухопут. кадет. корпуса]