Curious months for the year 1780, which is high,


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Ruban, Vasily Grigoryevich (1742-1795).
Curious months for the year 1780, which is high, with the indication of Russian, Gregorian, Jewish and Turkish years and months; : And with the introduction of the extensive chronology of Russian memorabilia and so on. / Published in the light of the publisher of the former such a month of the word. - St.Petersburg: Pecs. at Art. and Ing. gentry. cadet. body of the type. H.F. Clean, [1780]. -84 s. ; 12. -
Interesting news, about the Vyatka diocese and about the bishops in it, from the beginning to the present day (P.23-62). - SK XVIII.
I. Artillery and Engineering Cadet Corps. Printing house (St. Petersburg).
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Издательство Печ. при Арт. и инж. шляхет. кадет. корпусе у содержателя тип. Х.Ф. Клеэна
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