National images of industrialists,


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Basin, Yakov Ivanovich (1754-1804).
National images of industrialists,: Shot from nature in St. Petersburg / Ya. B. Published. - Moscow: Lip. type., in A. Reshetnikov, 1799. -42 p., 20 liters. yl. ; 4. -
The prototype of these silt. are Fig. HGG Geisler, dedicated. costumes, customs and customs of the Russians, made by him in St. Petersburg at the end of the XVIII century. and publ. in St. Petersburg in 1795 and in Leipzig in the years 1801-1802. under the heading: Sitten, Gebrauche und Kleidung der Russen in St. Petersburg, dargestellt in Gemahlden mit Beschreibungen von J.G. Gruber und Ch.G.H. Geissler.
Images of peddlers (kvass, greengrocer, sbitenschik, etc.) and cabbies.
I. Geisler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich (1770-1844).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Издательство Губ. тип., у А. Решетникова
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