Statistical compilation on St. Petersburg province .... ... 1911.Vol.2. Primary popular education in the 1910-1911 academic year

Statistical compilation on the St. Petersburg province ... - St. Petersburg: Type.Trenka and Fusno, 1895-1915.- 25. -Collections over the following years also printed in type.E.A.Evdokimova type.T-Va "societies. Use", type.V.P.Mishchersky, Pischebum.Cases in Russia "Word", type.K.S.Anticoline and type.Ganeiko and Allapert.Since 1913, Zavel.: Statistical Collection on Petrograd province..I. Petersburg lips.Zemstnaya.Electronic Source: PB... 1911 year.Vol.2: Primary economy education in the 1910-1911 academic year: [with adj.]: Year 19th.- 1912. - [4], 52, 58, XXII C .. -.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher тип. Тренке и Фюсно

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