Russian archive.Year 47. 1909. KN.1. [Vol.1-4]

Russian archiveYear 47. 1909. KN.1. [Vol.1-4].- 1909. -642 s .. - -In the content.: Suvorov: His letters (to P.P. Aleksiano, NS Mortrenov, Prince Nassau-Siegen and Prince G.S. Volkonsky).Arkharov: from memorable entries A.A.Vasilchikova.The Great Princess Elizabeth Alekseevna: Her arrival in Russia and three stories in letters to her mother (the end of Catherine is Great, the stir in Pavlovsk and the end of Pavel Petrovich).Paper Graph F.V.Rostopina: (Moscow in 1810. Letters to Emperor Alexander Pavlovich, to the Grand Prince Ekaterina Pavlovna, to S.K. Vyazmitinov and A. D. D. Balkyov (on the leaving of Moscow by the enemy). Bumagi Kursk Governor A.S. Kozhukhova. Moskovsky lettersMetropolitan Filaret by V.D. Olsufyev (1839-1859) [and others]. - Bibliogr. In Note. In the text..Electronic Source: PB

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