Criminal Code March 22, 1902

Criminal Code March 22, 1902: With the motives learned from the explanatory note of the editorial commission, the representation of mines.Justice to the State Council, magazines - a special meeting, a special presence of departments and the general meeting of the State Council, as well as extracts from the Affairs of the State Council on the coordination of criminal deposits with the Decree on April 17, 1905, the strengthening of warpores, and with applications relating to decreeApril 17, 1905 / Edition N.S.Tagansev.GL2, about violation of the decisions enclosing faith (as amended by law on March 14, 1906 [COLC. Uzak., Art. 461]).- Neophic.ed.-Sanct-Petersburg: Type."Phoenix", 1906. -199 s .. -.I. Tagansev, N.S.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Тип. "Феникс"

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