Collection of reports on the Transbaikalian economy

Sokolov, V.N.
Collection of reports on the Trans-Baikal economy: (According to the basic and current statistics) / V.N. Sokolov. - Chita: Electrotype. K.A. Bergut (father), 1918. - [2], 124 p. : tab. - (Statistical Division of the Trans-Baikal Resettlement Area, issue 16). -
Description. By region
Also in this binding: Trans-Baikal economy and the market: (The project of distribution of Zabaik region to the economic regions) / V. Sokolov. Chita: Type. Troops. rights. Transbaik. kaz. troops. 1918.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Электротип. К.А. Бергут (отец)

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