Satanism: [Collection] / [Il. Felicien Rops; Of the Ob. Petra Afanasyev]. - Moscow: The book "Dawn", 1913. -130 p. : il .. -
In contents: The idea of ​​the devil: essay / M. Artsybashev. Temptations or Eros, Plutus and Glory / Baudelaire. To the woman / Valer. Bryusov. Stasey Cain / Przybyshevsky. Songs of the Astarte / Makovsky. The poem of Abelard's youth / N. Muraviev. Lamia / Bryusov. Walking behind the gate / Mann. The lilac imp / Al. Ascension. Tales of great knowledge / Artsybashev. Poetry / Sologub. Wrong side of the party in whist / d'Oreville. Seven sins / Lagerloef. The Synagogue of Satan / Przybyshevsky. Artists of Satanism / N. Abramovich. "The one I love ..." / Al. Ascension. Devil's love / Gumilev.
I. Afanasyev, Peter. II. Rops, Felicien.
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Publisher Кн-во "Заря"

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