Collection of articles dedicated to Alexander Sergeevich Lappo-Danilevsky

Collection of articles dedicated to Alexander Sergeevich Lappo-Danilevsky. - Petrograd: type. M.M. Stasyulevich, 1916. -XVI, 312 pp., 1 liters. portraiture. ; 25. - (Historical Review: Collection of the Historical Society at Petrograd University, edited by NI Kareev, Vol. 21). -
Contents: A brief outline of the activity of the circle on drawing up a catalog of private law acts of pre-Petrine Rus / AI. Andreev. On the Methods of Studying Old Russian Private-Legal Acts / V.I. Veretennikov. Some remarks on the diplomatic analysis of a private document / M.N. Smirnov, as well as articles by F.F. Zlotnikova, M.F. Zlotnikova, A.I. Andreeva, G.M. Kotlyarova, V.N. Cook, N.I. Sidorova and A.A. Shilov. - "List of works of AS Lappo-Danilevsky" / A.A. Shilov (pp. VII-XVI).
I. Lappo-Danilevsky, Alexander Sergeevich (1863-1919). II. Danilevsky, Alexander Sergeevich (1863-1919).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher тип. М.М. Стасюлевича

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