Count Pyotr Ivanovich Panin. (1721-1789)

Geisman, Platon Alexandrovich (1853-1919).
Count Pyotr Ivanovich Panin. (1721-1789): East. sketch of the military. and the state. activities / Comp. P.A. Geisman and A.N. Dubovskoy. - St. Petersburg: type. N.V. Vasilyeva, 1897. - [4], VI, 119 pp., 1 liters. front. (portrait), 1 liter. kart. ; 22. - .
I. Dubovskoy, Alexander Nikolaevich. II. Panin, Petr Ivanovich (1721-1789).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher тип. Н.В. Васильева

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