Notary Herald. May 28, 1904 No. 32

Notary Herald: Weekly. scientific-practical. magazine: With apl. Monthly. adj. decisions of the criminal and civil. ca. d-tv and the general meeting rules. Senate, dealing mainly with judicial-notarial practice: Year 1. - [Moscow: T-borechech. A.A. Levenson]. - .
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May 28, 1904 № 32. - 1904. -16 with .. -
Contents: 1. Pedagogical principles in the notarial position: (End) / [Soch.] S.K. Kuznetsov. 2. To the draft of the transformation of the notarial part / [Soch.] Of the notary A. Ivanitsky. 3. Notarial ethics / [Notable] of the notary Shtranich. 4. Do you need literacy from attorneys who take actions to commit and approve notarial acts? / [So.] Notary K. Schukin. 5. General Chronicle [and others].
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Т-во скоропеч. А.А. Левенсон]

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