History of Russia in the XIX century. Part 2. The era of reform. (1840-1866). T. 3

History of Russia in the XIX century. - St. Petersburg: Ed. T-VA br. A. and I. Granat and Co., 1907-1911. -9 t.; 26 cm. -
Design of the title page of L. Pasternak.
I. Pasternak, Leonid Osipovich (1862-1945). II. "Granat, A. and I., br. And Co.," a partnership (Moscow) .1. The people (the collection). 2. Russia - the 19th century. - Collections.
ББК 63.3 (2) 52я43
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Part 2: The Age of Reform. (1840-1866). T. 3. - [1908]. - [5], 322 p., 17 h. portraits .. -
Crimean War / [Com.] M.N. Pokrovsky; Peasant Reform / [Com.] M.N. Pokrovsky; Zemskaya Reform / [Com.] S.Ya. Tseitlina; Judicial reform / [Com.] M.P. Chubinsky; Polish uprising in 1863 / [Com.] Z. Lensky.
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Publisher Изд. Т-ва бр. А. и И. Гранат и К°

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