Constitutional law

Duguit, Leon (1859-1928).
Constitutional Law: Society. theory of the state / Leon Dyugi, prof. Bordea University; Trans. Priv.-Assoc. Moscow. the University of A. Yashchenko, V. Krasnokutsky and B. Syromyatnikov; With the pref. to Rus. trans. prof. P. Novgorodtsev and the author. - Moscow: I.D. Sytin, 1908.-XL, 957 pp., Of which 7 p. Announcements ; 20. - (Library for Self-Education, edited by Alexei Sergeevich Belkin, professors Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, Nikolai Dmitrievich Vinogradov [and others]; 37) .
I. Yashchenko, Alexander Semenovich (1877-1934). II. Krasnokutsky, Vasily Alexandrovich. III. Syromyatnikov, Boris Ivanovich (1874-). IV. Novgorodtsev, Pavel Ivanovich (1866-1924).
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