From the history of the Vladimir nobility

Maklakov, Nikolai Alekseevich (1871-1918).
From the history of the Vladimir nobility: By dan., Extract. from case number 38 of the office of Vladimir. governor for 1821, stored in the Arch. lips. correct. / D. people. Nikolai Maklakov. About the bearded men and the schismatics, to pay a toll for the beard, and go in a decree dress: (On the case No. 235 Vladimir Gubernia, "according to the Vladimir Province Office", 1735) / D. v. prot. V. Kosatkin. - [Vladimir, 1899]. -24 seconds. ; 24. -
added. to No. 26, "Vladimir Gubernia Ved." Neofits. Part., June 25, 1899. - Ott. from "Tr. Vladimir., Academic Arch. Commiss." 1899, book. 1, p. 49-57; 59-72. - Without tit. l. and the region
I. Vladimir Province Archive. II. The Office of the Governor of Vladimir.
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