M.N. Katkov, his life and literary activity

Sementkovsky, Rostislav Ivanovich (1846-1918).
M.N. Katkov, his life and literary activity: Biogr. sketch of RI Sementkovsky: With the portrait. Katkov, grav. in Leipzig by Gedan. - St. Petersburg: type. Yu.N. Ehrlich, 1892 (region 1891). -80 s., 1 liter. front. (portrait); 18. - (The Life of Remarkable People, Biographical Library of F. Pavlenkov). -
Wrapping wax. in the type. t-va "The Society of Benefits."
Izd. It was forbidden to qualify.
Podzag. on the region: His life and publicist. activity.
I. Gedan. II. Katkov, Mikhail Nikiforovich.
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