Russian antiquity. 1877 [T. 18]. [Book. 4]. April

Russian antiquity: months. east. Ed., founded on Jan. 1. 1870 - St. Petersburg: B. and., 1904 .
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1877 [T. 18]. [Book. 4]. April: Year 8. - Type. V.S. Balasheva, 1877. -577-744, VI ​​p., 36 stb. : il., tab. -
Contents: Transformers of the Russian army in the reign of Emperor Paul: Historical essay: (End) / [Op. Lebedev. Patriotic War of 1812: From Maloyaroslavets to Berezina, events from November 5th to November 14th, 1812: ANN. Popova. Destruction of Masonic lodges in Russia in 1822: Secret notes and reports of Senator E.A. Kusheleva and others. Memories of Tatyana Petrovna Passek. Ch. 28. In Ukraine and in Moscow, 1835-1842. Alexander Nikolayevich Serov: his essays and notes, 1846-1847 years .: Soobshch. with a note. V.V. Stasov, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and with: 2-3 obl. - Decree. personal names in volume 18 "Russian antiquities" in 1877 (January, February, March, April): stb. 1-36.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. В.С. Балашева

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