Workers' Court. 1928 No. 18 (154). September

Workers' Court: Izd. Leningr. lips. court. - Leningrad: B. and., 1925. - .
I. Leningrad Province Court.
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1928 No. 18 (154). September: Organ Leningr. reg. Court: Year 6. - Workers' Court, 1928. -1341-1424 st., 7-11 s .. -
Contents: The results of the work of the Leningrad Regional Court. Work Okrsudov Leningrad region. New Project UPK: (End) / M. Strogovich. Several remarks to the 7th chapter of the draft CPC / G. Belyakov. On some adjustments to the new draft CCP / N. LAGOVER. Discussion issues of judicial practice: On forced labor / S. Glikin, [and others]. - Contents: In the book. Also: Bulletin of the Leningrad Regional Court. 1928 No. 2. September 15: [Attached]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note
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I. The Leningrad Region. Court
Source of the electronic copy: PB
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