Soviet justice. 1933. № 16. August

Soviet Justice: Body of the NKJ of the RSFSR. - Moscow: B. and., 1931. - .
I. The RSFSR. People's Commissariat of Justice.
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1933. № 16. August. - Sov. Legislation, 1933. -25 pp. -
Contents: Bodies of Justice - be involved in the work to promote the preparation and conduct of winter sowing. On the struggle to fulfill the plan of winter planting. The bodies of justice at the front of grain deliveries / Golonsky. The bodies of justice of the North Caucasus in the struggle for the protection of the socialist harvest / B. Fts. How Crimean Justice Institutions / SB, [and others] are fighting for crop protection.
. -16900 copies. .
Source of the electronic copy: PB
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