Russian bulletin. 1886. T. 185. [No. 9]. September

Russian Herald
1886. T. 185. [No. 9]. September. - Univ. a type. (M. Katkov), 1886. - [496] p. Sec. pag .. -
According to. obl: Russian bulletin published by M. Katkov.
Contents: External Relations of Russia in the Age of the Crimean War. Ch. IX / [Comp.] S.S. Tatishchev. The first days of the French Revolution of 1789: According to unpublished notes of an eyewitness / [Soch.] N.A. Lyubimova. Falling star. Part one. Ch. I-IV / [Com.] L. Rastopchina. On the banks of the sacred Nile: Excerpts from the diary. Ch. I-VI / [Comp.] A.V. Eliseev. Darwin and his teaching: A critical sketch. Ch. I-IV / [Comp.] I.F. Zion, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and in the text otd. articles.
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Publisher Унив. тип. (М. Катков)

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