Russian bulletin. 1874. T. 232. [No. 6]. June

Russian Herald
1874. T. 232. [No. 6]. June. - St. Petersburg: Type. High. ut. T-va "Public benefit", 1894. -312, 88 p. : tab. -
Contents: Autumn in the Tien Shan Mountains: (From Dzungaria to Turpan) / [Com.] G.E. Groom-Grzhimailo. Gold Mountains: Roman: (End) / [Com.] D.I. Staheyev. The Holy City of Ethiopia / [Soch.] Solovyov. The folwark is for sale: The Story of Clemens The Young. The Forgotten Route from Europe to Siberia: The Yenisei Expedition of 1893: 3-4 / [Comp.] V.I. Semenov, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and in the text otd. articles.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. Высоч. утв. Т-ва "Общественная польза"

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