The history of Russian literature.Part 2

Sipovsky, Vasily Vasilyevich (1872-1930).History of Russian literature / prof.V.V.Sipovsky.- 4th ed., Act.-Petrograd: B., 1911. -.Electronic Source: PBPart 2: (History of literature from the era of Peter V. to Pushkin): in relation to historical readstatology, t. 2, vol.1, 2, 3 / Sost.V.V.Sipovsky.- 4th ed.-Sanct-Petersburg: ed.I. Bashmakova and to °, 1911. -xviii, 331 s .. -On tit.L.: Ed.The 1st is admitted to the as studies.Manuals ...Bibliogr.: With.327-331 and in a substrate.Note..I. Sipovsky, Vasily Vasilyevich (1872-1930) .1Historical Reader.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Изд. Я. Башмакова и К°

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