Russian word.1863. April

Russian word: lit.-scientist.The magazine published by the graph gr.Koshelov-Bezborodko.- St. Petersburg: B., 1859. -.I. Koshelev-Bezborodko, gr .. ii.Bezborodko, gr ..Electronic Source: PB1863. April: Lit.-Polit.Magazine: Year 5. - Type.Ryumin and Comp., 1863. - [490] p.section.Pag .. -Content: Manfred: (Dramatic Poem Byrona) / Per.DDMinaev.Loss of ignorance: (Article 1) / N.V.Shellens.World: (poem. Heine) / D.M.Athos: (Travel impressions: Article 2 / N.A. Blagoveshchensky. The nature of specific women's crimes and punishments / MA Philippov, [et al. - Bibliogr. In a substrate. Note. And in the text..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Тип. Рюмина и Комп.

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