Russian word. 1864. November

Russian word: lit.-scientist. a magazine published by Count Gr. Kushelev-Bezborodko. - St. Petersburg: B. and., 1859. - .
I. Kushelev-Bezborodko, Gr .. II. Bezborodko, Gr ..
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1864. November: Lit.-Polit. Journal: Year 6. - [Type. Ryumin and Comp.], 1864. - [540] p. Sec. pag .. -
Contents: Childhood memories: (End) / F.M. Reshetnikov. Valley of Sorrow: (Stihotv. From Heine) / P.I. Weinberg. Historical essays (XVIII century) / N.V. Shelgunov. Two generations. 18-32: (Roman Shpilgagen). Episodes from the novel "The old looks old, the young grows" / G.N. Potanin, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and in the text.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher [Тип. Рюмина и комп.]

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